"History will judge us by the difference we make in the everyday lives of children." -Nelson Mandela 

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Want to get involved?
SMA greatly appreciates your support, and offers many opportunities to get involved. Please consider donating your time, talent and/or resources.Below are a few ways we can think of, and maybe you have other ideas? If so, please share them with us.

Volunteer at an SMA event, in the office, or in other ways. Volunteers are always needed in many capacities with all skill levels.

Advocate for SMA. By you telling and sharing the SMA story, we become known and better supported with our mission.

Connect SMA with who you know. You know people we don’t… PLEASE, introduce us, invite us for speaking engagements, come over for a tour, provide “door openers” we can share with our clients. 

Consider becoming a Foster Family fora young person. It’s not just providing a place to live, it’s providing a family, a home, a support system.

Consider becoming a Community Representative for young people in or possibly booming in state custody. Training is mandatory and provided. These youth need a voice that is non-biased.

Mentor a young person. It’s all about relationships… we all need someone to take the time to show interest in who we are and what we care about.

Provide a meal. Many dream seekers haven’t had a meal today. If interested, we can provide you with a schedule of classes and/or a good day/time to bring a meal over.

Partner with SMA to teach a class or provide a service. One small nonprofit agency can’t do it all. It really does “take a village.”

Help lead SMA by joining our board of directors or advisory board. Leadership can make or break a small nonprofit. Lend your leadership skills to an agency that welcomes that…

Attend our events. We keep our website and Facebook updated, as well as our “news” page. Come and bring your friends. We usually have a pretty good time while serving our community.

“LIKE” us on Facebook. We keep this social media site updated, and know that as you are aware there, it’s an easy way to share the good news to all of your friends.

Visit our website. We keep this site updated as well and it’s a great place to find information.

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